Jun 14, 2009

Mafia Wars - On Tagged

Lets Grow Our Mafia
I am playing Mafia Wars. But there are only few things you can do without mafia members. I mean people will Rob you, attack you & you can't do shit about that atmost you think of putting him on hitlist but beware because your name appers in his accout as well as for others to see that you are weak thats why you put him on the hitlist. So below are my mafia stats screenshots if you wanna add me here is my tag profile like or just leave a comment with your id i will add you so that we can be strong "Mafia Family"


So put up your tag profile url link in the comment so that other peoples can join you.

Counter Strike 1.6 Screenshots

Counter strike madness

My Ranks on Different Servers (lolz)


Counter Strike 1.6 for Noobs

Counter Strike - 1.6
Here i will explain a few tips for noobs so that they can improve fast (isn't thats what a beginner wants to improve fast lol). I love playing computer games you can say that i am addict. So i play a lot of Cs online so these are few suggestions i want to give to the newbies.
  • Alright so first of all just concentrate on the game lol that means play with your senses like you have radar to see your teammates position so if you hear a footsteps sound from the other end then be alert because thats the enemy whos coming.
  • If you are just starting with Cs then don't use flash as most of the times you end up flashing many of your teammates which interns gets you bad words from them. So is the case with HE grenades if friendly fire is on.
  • Use the CT or Ter Models as per the Map you are playing. As each map has a different texture so you can select model which is comparatively close to the texture or background.
  • Weapon are you a gunner or sniper i mean which one do you like? Like a gunner need more mouse sensitivity then sniper. So you should set the sensitivity accordingly.

Now the big question is how to get headshot evertime?

To do that you need to practice a lot. OMG thats a cool tip right isn't that what you are thinking?
But there is this one thing that might help you usually make a habit to point the gun pointer on the chest of your enemy while shooting. But this one is tricky because every gun is marginally different in terms of recoil. Like with Ak-47 (my fav) you shot aim for legs if you are spraying or aim for head when you are firing 1 or 2 bullet at a time. I will be adding a separate post just for weapons , where to point etc.
I hope this helps. If you have any question do ask? and don't be shy to comment.

May 4, 2009

Funniest Cat's

The funniest CAT on NET